Princess Comet
Often referred to as "Comet-san", Comet is a bright girl around the age of 12 who is very kind towards everyone.

Comet's Normal clothing

She has a dark pink short hair with a curl on top and she also has a fairly white complexion.When she's not on her princess form she wears different clothes but her most long running clothes are her orange jacket and violet skirt. She also wears a star-like hair clip. At her first princess form, she wears just like a majorette player and wears a light pink shoes with a pink crown that has a star shape on the middle. Her wand looks like a majorette stick and her necklace is a pink star. While on her second princess form,
Princess comet second form

Comet's second form

she wears a white and pink like the first form she looks like a majorette player and wears white shoes. Her crown is light pink and has a heart shape on the middle. Her wand looks like a heart shaped pink majorette and her necklace looks like a heart.

Princess Comet is holding her dress.

Though she is the princess of the Harmonica Star World, Comet seems to disregard her high rank and would rather play with little stars than fulfilling everyone's expectations by marrying the prince of the Tambourine Star World. After the prince disappeared, Comet was sent to Earth to find him, but in truth, Comet just wants to go to Earth to have adventures just like her mother did when she was younger. On Earth, she lives with the little twins Nene and Tsuyoshi Fujiyoshi, and their parents Sayaka and Keitaro.
Comet cares deeply for everyone; her gentle nature makes her easy to get along with, and people can't help but like her. She also enjoys helping others whenever they need help and will never stop lending a hand towards her friends. Even as Comet is very mature for her age, she has a lot of lessons to learn in life. Comet also is inexperienced with feelings she's never felt before, which is why it takes her a long time to realize that she is in love with Keisuke. In the end Comet returns the memory stone, which the prince dropped at the day he ran away to Earth, she ends up going back to Earth, where she meets Keisuke in a random place on a ship
- Even though Meteor dislikes her she still thinks of her as her friend.
- She doesn't seem to notice that guys like her.